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Movement Essentials + Coaches Gathering Staunton, VA : Oct 5-6, 2019


Movement Essentials Workshop & Coaches Gathering


We believe that movement is infinitely refinable and the pursuit of virtuosity in movement for EVERY human being is essential to improving athleticism and, more importantly, quality of life.

For coaches it is our responsibility to constantly be learning and growing so that we can help ourselves and the athletes we coach move well to the utmost of our ability.


The Movement Essentials Workshop & Coaches Gathering is a 2 day experience that focuses on movement and coaching of movement.

Day 1 will begin with a focus on fundamental movement principles. The principles you learn can be applied to all movement - whether you train using the CrossFit methodology, olympic style weightlifting, powerlifting, strongman, yoga, or Zumba. After learning the principles we will move to a practical setting and apply them to a high skilled movement. The movement we will be working on this weekend will be the Bar Muscle-Up.

Day 2 will review the happenings of Day 1 but from a coaching perspective. Coaches will take what they learned in Day 1 and learn how to apply it into their training of others. We will cover progressions, scaling, adaptations, and perhaps go down a few rabbit holes to enhance comprehension and confidence in applying the principles. 


Day 1 is for EVERYONE: coach, athlete, weekend warrior, and coach potato. EVERY aspect of Day 1 will be accessible, adaptable, and relevant to any person who wants to learn.

Day 2 is for coaches seeking further conversation and understanding of the principles covered in Day 1.